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To begin your journey on our website, simply locate the "Login" or "Signup" button. Clicking on it will take you to the registration process. Fill in your name, email address, and choose a strong password. Once you're done, hit the Join button and you're all set.
Please note that the email address provided during registration is for login purposes only and should be kept private. It is highly recommended to use a different, separate email address if you wish to add a contact email later. This will help ensure the security and privacy of your personal information.


ZHIG Signup.bmp
After signing up, you will be directed to a page where you can select the membership option that suits your needs. Take a moment to review the available options and choose the one that aligns with your requirements. Click on the membership of your choice to proceed further.
If you are a content creator, we recommend starting with "Premium Member" which is our free membership option "no Credit Card is needed". This will allow you to explore the platform and familiarize yourself with its features. Once you feel comfortable and want to access more advanced features and benefits, you can easily upgrade your membership to "ZHIG creator" .

However, if you are a Manufacturer or a brand or have specific requirements, we encourage you to select one of the other membership options that aligns with your needs right from the start. This will ensure that you have access to all the tools and resources necessary to maximize your experience on our platform.

ZHIG choosing membership.bmp


Once you have chosen your desired membership, it's time to create your information card which will represent you on our website. Click on          "Add Info CARD" and provide your name, job title, Membership Type and a professional photo to personalize your profile. Once you're happy with your card, save your changes to move ahead.
Please ensure that you provide a proper "first and last" name. Your full name should be used and should follow standard naming conventions. This means that the first letter of each name should be capitalized, and any special characters or symbols should be avoided. It’s recommended to avoid using nicknames, acronyms, or titles in place of your actual name.
If you choose to use a nickname, please ensure that it still maintains a certain level of professionalism and adheres to the guidelines.

Remember, a professional photo can significantly impact how others perceive you, so invest the time to select an appropriate and appealing image
ZHIG Creating info.Card.jpg
ZHIG Creating info.Card2.jpg


After creating your Info. CARD you will be redirected to a form where you can provide additional details to create your “Premium Member Profile”. Fill out the provided form accurately. Once finished, click on Create to proceed.


You have now successfully created your profile and reached the profile Page “My Premium Member Profile”. Take a moment to review your information to ensure its accuracy and relevance. Personalize your profile further by adding any relevant details that highlight your achievements and capabilities. Your profile and shared content can always be edited and updated whenever you desire.


Now that your profile is complete, you can always share your creativity with the community. Explore your profile Page “My Premium Member Profile” or any feature that enables you to share images, 3D models, materials or projects. It may be an intuitive button or an icon on the website. Simply click on it to initiate the sharing process
Thank you for choosing to explore "ZHIG". Our platform is still relatively new and under development. We understand that there may be areas where improvements are needed, and we greatly value your feedback in helping us shape a better user experience.
At this stage, we are constantly working towards enhancing our platform's features, functionality, and overall performance. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible user experience and ensuring that "
ZHIG" becomes a valuable resource for you.

Your feedback is crucial in identifying any areas that require attention or any ideas you may have for additional features that would greatly benefit our platform. We warmly welcome your suggestions, questions, or concerns about any aspect of our platform. You can easily report a problem or send feedback by clicking on the button "Report a Problem" or "Contact" located on the bottom of your screen.

We firmly believe that collaboration with our users is essential in building a better place for everyone. We aim to create an inclusive and interactive platform that caters to the needs of our valued users like you.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to refine "
ZHIG". Your trust and support are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to embarking on this journey together towards a more enhanced and user-friendly platform.



Any media or information that is created, shared, and contributed by "ZHIG members" within our community. User-generated content adds a unique and diverse perspective to our platform. It's not just limited to individuals; professionals and companies can also contribute their content to enrich the community.

User-generated content

Content You Can Add:

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ZHIG Project Button.png


ZHIG 3D Model Button.png

3D Model

ZHIG Article Button.png


ZHIG Material Button.png


ZHIG Product Button.png


ZHIG Building Button.png


ZHIG Image Button.png


1. Image: An image refers to a digital photograph or visual representation showcasing architectural elements, structures, or design details etc. These images can capture existing buildings, architectural concept, interiors, exteriors, or any architectural visual content shared within our platform. Images should adhere to our guidelines, including proper attribution, resolution, and format compatibility.
1. Who is eligible to add images to our platform?
- Registered users with an active "Membership" can add content to our platform. Visitors and registered users without at least a “Premium Member Profile” and "Info CARD"  (Name, Job title, Membership Type) can't add content to our platform.

2. What types of Images can be added to our platform?
- Any image aligned with the intended purpose and theme of our platform can be added. However, the user is responsible for ensuring they have the copyright or necessary permissions to use the image. If the user is not the owner, they must credit the owner appropriately.
Please consider:
a) Originality: The content should be created by the user and not plagiarized or copied from others. This is to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the platform.
b) Relevance: The content should align with the intended purpose and theme of our platform, contributing to the overall user experience. It should also be relevant to the
tagged categories, so users can easily find and browse through related content.
c) Quality: The content should meet certain quality standards in terms of resolution, clarity, grammar, and presentation. This ensures that the images are visually appealing and provide a good user experience.
d) Compliance: The content must adhere to our platform's guidelines, which may include ethical, legal, and safety considerations. This helps maintain a positive and safe environment for all users.
e) Engagement: Content should aim to inspire, educate, or entertain the platform's community, encouraging dialogue, sharing, and feedback. This promotes community engagement and interaction.


3. How can users upload images to our platform? What information do they need to provide?
- Users can upload images by clicking on the "Add image" button located anywhere on our platform or from their private account page. They can then select the images from their device, provide a title and description, and tag relevant categories to help with the organization and discoverability of the images.

4. Where will Images be displayed on our platform?
- User-generated images will be displayed in designated areas of our platform based on the type and relevance of the content. The images will also be displayed on the user's own profile page. This ensures that the images are easily accessible and attributed to the user who uploaded them.

5. Can users edit or delete their own content after it’s been published?
- Yes, users have the ability to  delete their own content after it has been published. However, please note that this feature is still under development as our platform is still relatively new.

6. How does our platform ensure the quality and appropriateness of Images?
- Our platform has a moderation process in place to ensure the quality and appropriateness of user-generated content before it is published. While images may be published instantly, users who do not adhere to our platform's guidelines may be restricted or banned, and their images may be removed.


7. Can users earn any rewards or recognition for their "Images" on our platform?
- Yes, we offer recognition for exceptional images in the form of features on our homepage, social media shoutouts, or exclusive access to events or resources. However, please note that rewards and "Zcoins" are limited to other content types.

8. How does our platform handle copyright issues related to Images?
- Our platform takes copyright issues seriously and has a process in place for handling any infringement claims or disputes related to user-generated content. Users are referred to our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.


9. Are there any limitations on the size and format of user-generated content that can be added to our platform?
- Yes, there are some limitations on the size and format of user-generated content that can be added to our platform. These limitations are in place to ensure compatibility with our platform's features and functionality, as well as to optimize the user experience.

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